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Let me start by saying there is NO BAD POSTURE. Nor is there a link between posture and pain. What does lead to aching and discomfort is being in a sustained position for a prolonged period of time!

Think about standing. In one position. Bolt upright. With “good posture”. For hours!! It would begin to become uncomfortable, regardless of how “good” your posture is.

Pain you may be feeling now you’re working from home isn’t the result of bad posture but different posture. Your usual work set up would have meant that over time you have become accustomed to this working position. You have “acclimatised” to that position, built strength to maintain the position over months/years and increased your capacity and tolerance to staying there!

So you’re new work set up may only be causing you discomfort because it is NEW!

What can you do about it? MOVE!!

Regularly changing your position is the best way to go about it. You can also do your best to set up a work station at home similar to your former working position. Adjusting keyboard and screen height can help.

Our personal favourite is a standing desk! This forces you to move, fidget, shift your weight and stay more active. It can also make people more productive. If you do opt for this, here are some steps to take.

✏️ Desk just below elbow height
✏️ screen close to your eye-line to not look down
✏️Separate keyboard
✏️ something to put your foot on and regularly change which foot is on the step!

The final one is an interesting one! We tend to stand with our lower back extended, often swaying the hips forward. Ever wondered why there is a rail around the bottom of the bar in most pubs?? You put your foot on it right? This puts the lower back in the a little more flexion, flattening the lower back slightly and taking some of the load off the spine! In a bar, this means you’d stay there a little longer – clever landlords!! At your desk, it will make you a little more comfortable and if you’re changing your leg on the step regularly, a little more sustainable for a prolonged period

Give this a try during your working week from tomorrow. Let us know if you need a hand with your set up

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