To Sit or To Stand?

Standing Desk Vs Sitting: which one is the best?

There has been a lot of talk about the standing desk trend and you may be wondering what all of the fuss is about.  Are standing desks the way to go? After all these years we’ve been sitting down.

Is sitting down at work really that bad for you? If you’re not getting up much during the day you are really damaging your body!

Why bin your seated desk?

So you’re currently reading this from your seated desk – right?

Seated desks have been the most commonly used workstation in the office for years! And that’s no surprise, they are cheap and easy to find BUT…

Remaining seated all day is very harmful to your posture;

–        Your hamstrings are constantly on a stretch causing them to become lengthened and weak

–        Your hip flexors are shortened for a long period of time resulting in tightness

–        Your upper back and shoulders are forced into a rounded/ kyphotic position

–        Your neck is forced into an extended position – headaches!

–        Your lower back is arched predisposing lower back pain. So…


Some people think that purchasing a standing desk is a waste of money – but would you put a price on better health?

Standing desks aren’t a new idea – they’ve been around for years. But more recently have been the heat of discussion in the work place, and they’re bang on trend! Here’s why;

With a correctly set up standing work station you can;

–        Minimise headaches from straining the neck and shoulders

–        Decrease lower back pain by positioning the lumbar region in a flexed position

–        Reduce upper back and neck pain by over 50%!

While you may read articles suggesting that standing is just as harmful as sitting down – you must remember your standing work station must be bespoke for you!
Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog and learn how to set up your standing desk for you!

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