The Runners Reboot

Running can be extremely demanding on the body. It’s often important to go back to the basics to ensure you are prepared for those demands. Every year, runners spend thousands on kit to reduce their aches and pains, injury treatment, sports massage and gait analysis to ultimately reduce their injury risk or improve their personal best.

We have taken our experience in managing a number of running injuries and put together a plan to help you. With the Runners Reboot plan, we expect you to feel less pain and stiffness in the days after your run, reduce your likelihood of injury and obtain a few PBs in the process. All this for less than the cost of a sports massage.

You will receive a 6 week exercise plan that should take you around 15 minutes per day to complete. This will be comprised of breathing, mobility and strengthening exercises to better prepare you for hitting the roads and trails.

The exercise plan will be delivered to you via an app (also accessible online) and you will be able to contact us with any issues, questions or queries throughout the duration of your program.